Wanli Shipwreck Dish Rare Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Dish AD. C. 1625


A very nice kraak dish with rounded sides. The dish was recovered from the Wanli C. 1625 shipwreck The main motifs which include a duck on a rock below a lotus arrangement. These motifs express wishes for a long life which, to the Chinese, means: chum gung Chang shout referring to the theme:’spring time and […]

Wanli Shipwreck Large & Rare Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Bowl AD. C. 1625


Flower bowl is totally intact and from our “best available quality” group. The rendering is well made in contrasty cobalt oxide. The resonance sound from the bowl when tapped is a very high pitch sound which suggest high firing temperature, good quality clay and quality workmanship. There are some’tender edges’ along the rim which is […]